About us

The founding members of the collective are Tor Persson (administrator), Timothée Parrique (editor), Sabrina Chakori (editor), Nick Fitzpatrick (editor), Eeva Houtbeckers (editor), Enrique Mejia (editor), and Ben Robra (editor).

Degrowth is organised as a free, open-access, international, transdisciplinary, and peer-reviewed journal that focuses on advancing the goals of degrowth. It will be published online including open issues and special-issues, and later, rolling submission. 

Organised as an international, independent, non-profit association, the editorial collective is decentralised across various countries (e.g. Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK). We meet regularly and operate following the principles of radical democracy. We are currently running without funding and affiliations.

Degrowth has been made possible by a number of people beyond the editorial board. We would like to express our thanks to Jess Parker for the graphic designs. The website was made possible by the great people at noesya.